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How to make a low cost, high impact promotion?

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A research show that the average family opens their fridge around 25 times a day (that's over 9000 times a year). What better way to build strong, repetitive, ongoing brand awareness than a fridge magnet! Put your phone number, website, logo and brand name right into the heart of the home for easy and immediate access every day. Advertise paper are easy thrown out and forgotten, while a fridge magnet is a much more lasting promotional object.

Creative custom shape, color and printing options

Fridge magnets for a promotion continue to become more popular as people realise the flexibility of these uniquely shaped and coloured designs. These promotional items are low cost and are highly adaptable to provide a custom look and feel to any marketing budget. The wide range of shape options (from houses, to dogs, to hearts and even custom designs) can strategically tie in with even the most specific promotional campaign from any industry. With full colour print options, allowing lots of detail to be listed on this highly visible item, you get ample promotional detail and awareness for a very low investment. Most magnetic promotions have a large imprint areas and as they are highly practical and useful items will be appreciated, repetitively used and retained giving your brand the best possible coverage.

These are some of design from Winbo gifts

This Disney series fridge magnet is made of eco-friendly PVC, harmless and no toxic. Design includes Mickey/Mini Mouse Magnet, Stitch Magnet, Winnie the Pooh Magnet and so on. They are famous cartoon image, lovely and charming, and winning great praise from customers. We also produce other creative Fridge Magnet. For more information, please visit our website.

WB-FMA12012WB-FMA12021WB-FMA12024  And if you do not like our design, you can choose the design you like or create your own dsign. The size and color is based on customer’s request. Winbo soft PVC Fridge Magnet could be the gift for promoting when you want to promote new product, or be the reward for customer’s supporting, and it also can be souvenir for some special days or events. Winbo always try our best to provide the excellent goods and best service for the customer. The satisfaction of customer is our biggest aim.

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Client Testimonial

I was really impressed with the professional, courteous team at winbo gifts. They answered all my questions promptly, and were able to get me an outstanding bargin on a large order of Anti Slip Mat and LED Key Cover.
Matt (Brecon Labour Party) 2012-10-30

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