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What material do you choose for photo frames in your room?

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Photo Frames are great display tools for highlighting important events, valuable memories, cherished individuals and corporate promotion activities. Commemorate images of people, places, and events in the perfect context. Photo frames are widely used in many locations including your abode, an office building, a retail business, restaurant, museum, or hotel.

What material do you choose for photo frames in your room?

Glass --- it's sometimes fragile and dangerous for home and offices.

Metal --- it's durable but it's also easy to rust.

Wood ---it's safe enough. But you may think it is rather boring with one color for the frame.

Plastic –compared with glass, it's not so easy to be broken, of course. However, most of plastic photo frames are pain, without 3D effect.

After you considered these, you may wonder that what material can satisfy your special requirements.

Winbo gifts Co., Limited offers another eco-friendly material to solve the problem – soft rubber/ soft plastic/soft PVC plastic.

What is the difference of hard plastic and soft PVC?

PVC is the abbreviated version of polyvinyl chloride plastic. A kind of thermoplastic polymer, soft PVC is largely used in the construction sector because of its durability, cost-effectiveness and malleability. It is melted so that it can be made into different shapes with various colors as well as 3D effect by a special mold.

About Winbo's photo frames:

Winbo supplies different sizes and various designs for soft plastic photo frames to meet our clients' requirements. WInbo's photo frames can decorate your home , office or any other places you want.

Moreover, soft plastic photo frames have many advantages, including environmental-friendly, non-toxic, waterproof and washable, durable, unique 3D effect, and colorful etc. Winbo also provides a competitive price for its clients that help them to promote corporate events in a powerful and effective way. That's why so many clients from all over the world have chosen winbo's photo frames.

This is one of our hot selling products. 3D effect bear photo frame. Look at this photo frame, you can see the bears bulging out to create a three dimensional effect. Compared with wood photo frame, this 3D effect bear photo frame is more colorful and charming.


Choosing photo frames from WINBO GIFTS, you will no longer worry about whether the photo frame is too fragile or too boring. Winbo Gifts provides you durable, colorful and unique 3D- effect photo frames. Don't hesitate any more, come to our website and choose your favorite photo frame to hold your photos.

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